Who We Are

We are women led local community-based organization (CBO) focusing on providing humanitarian services to the most affected and hard to reach men, women, girls and boys in Navakholo Sub- County, Kakamega county, Kenya. We are passionate about the holistic well-being of the targeted households and communities and as such we employ an integrated procreative approach to deliver our humanitarian services for better outcomes. We do believe in the power of togetherness and building on strengths of all the stakeholders and as such we coordinate and collaborate with key actors and stakeholders including the relevant county government ministries (Gender and Social Services, Health), the local provincial administration, the religious leaders and other key community stakeholders to deliver our services. We currently deliver preventive and curative health, water sanitation and hygiene, Youth mentorship, food security and livelihoods, Youth Sexual and reproductive health as well as Covid-19 prevention services. As of current, our different humanitarian projects reach more than 50,000 individuals drawn from more than 10,000 house-holds in the county.

Our Story

Established in 2017
Started in Malaha community and provides services around the region

MACOHELP was established in 2016 as a community health service center to meet emergency curative health needs especially of women and children in Navakholo Sub- County who were facing challenges of accessing emergency health services especially at the period when the government health facilities are non-function as a result of different reasons. Six months in operation, the community Centre has offered emergency health services to more than 3,000 cases. An analysis of the cases received at the facility noted that most of the emergency cases received has underlying reasons which were preventable at community as well as out household level. As a result, MACOHELP was established in 2019 to support the root causes of some of the recurrent emergency medical cases prevent morbidities and chances of mortalities. As such MACOHELP primary focus is both preventive and curative health with added focus on other humanitarian sectors that either has a direct or indirect contribution to health.

Our accomplishments include:

  • Providing basic health care to 10,000+ vulnerable women, men, and children
  • Reaching 20,000+ households by promoting hygiene, sanitation, and safe water treatment
  • Reaching 4,500 clients by championing sexual and reproductive health rights among youths, holding regular sensitisation forums for youths, and providing SRH services including family planning services at health centres
  • Setting up a farmers learning center to provide basic livestock rearing and management skills to 1,000+ farmers

We work with 45 CHW, 30 CNV, and 100 mother to mother support groups, and we support community preventive health through the community health workers and nutrition volunteers

We walk with the community to recognize its strengths and address its challenges


Provide the community with skills to live a healthy and economically empowering lifestyle.


Walk together with the community to recognise their strength to address their challenges.


  • Ensure access to preventive and curative health and nutrition
  • Promote economic empowerment to self-reliance
  • Enhance post formal education learning and life skills training

Core Values

  • Honesty/Transparency
      To ensure the organization passes information by sharing to others the way the business is operating.
  • Equality
      To ensure regardless of their gender or age i.e. Macohelp is used as a platform to help every individual.
  • Equity
      To ensure a proportional share according to the levels and standards.
  • Neutrality
      Basically our interest is about the needs of the community.
  • Empowerment
      To build a community that can design lasting solutions to their challenges.
  • Accountability
      To be people and resource stewards in ensuring that we utilize the full potential that we have in addressing community challenges.