What we do

Our Projects

Curative Health Services - Malaha Community health Centre

At the MACOHELP community health Centre, our team of well qualified and trained heath service providers offer 24-hour quality curative and emergency health services to the community members. We pay passionate and undivided attention to maternal and child health ensuring that priority is given to their needs. As of end of 2020, MACOHELP had reached a total of 4,000 people (700 men, 1500 women, 1000 girl and 800 boys) with curative medical services. The following services are also provided at the health facility:

  • Clinical consultations
  • Gender based violence including SGBV medical services
  • Laboratory services
  • Pharmacy
  • Emergency services

Schools and Community based Sexual and Reproductive Health Project

To address the need of Sexual and Reproductive health (SHR) services including access to contraceptive, emergency SRH medical services as meeting the need for knowledge on SRH. MACOHELP has established SRH clubs in both primary and secondary schools through which girls and boys are reached with information on SRH. MACOHELP organizes both open and closed SRH forums with youths as well as their parents on youths SRH rights. MACOHELP also supports in the securing and distribution of menstrual hygiene kits to underprivileged girls and young women. At the health facility, MACOHELP offers free contraceptives coupled with education on right use of contraceptive as well as post abortive care. These services has since reached a total of 5,000 boys and girls in Ebusia, Lusumu, Nderema, Bumini and Khaunga schools, 10,000 young women, 6,000 women and 4,000 men.

Preventive Health Campaigns

In addressing the root cause of the morbidities and mortalities, MACOHELP offers routine training to the community health workers on Integrated comprehensive care management (ICCM) of priority infections within the subcounty, support the ministry of public health in facilitating routine public health awareness, promote child vaccination uptake, carry out campaigns and awareness on antenatal and post-natal care as well as other key activities as distributions of insecticide treated bed nets.

Usafi Pamoja - WASH Project

Through the Usafi Pamoja (cleanliness together wash project), MACOHELP has been working with the local provincial administration to campaign for 100% toilet access and use in all households in the subcounty. The CBO carries out public campaigns and demonstrations on correct toilet use and disposal of children feaces, water treatment as well as proper hand washing procedures. We are working with the schools especially at lower primary to promote a culture of proper hygiene and sanitation through skits, songs as well as demonstrations for the children. At community level, we have installed water treatment chemical dispensers to promote water treatment at point of collection.

Covid 19 response

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have facilitated distribution of face masks to school going children, supported installation of hand washing facilities in schools and major market centers, carried out campaigns on importance of social distancing, wearing of face masks as well as routine hand washing. We are collaborating with the ministry of public health to promote the uptake of Covid-19 vaccination.

HEMA (umbrella) Gender Based Violence Prevention Project

The Heshimu Mama (Hema-Umbrella) project is targeted towards protection women and girls from gender-based violence. The project carried out campaigns gender-based violence, facilitates capacity strengthening of key community leaders on GBV including referral available referral pathways, provide mental and psychosocial support to the GBV survivors and also medical assistance to the survivors of GBV including physical and sexual assault. Through the medical Centre, the survivors are provided with post exposure prophylaxis, counseling services as well as linkages to legal services.

Food security and livelihoods

The MACOHELP farmer’s school with 200 learner farmers currently provide training to farmers on animal husbandry, production of cattle and poultry feeds, basic animal care (veterinary) skills. The farmers school also provides training on good agronomy and post-harvest management as well as seeds production. The sewing school with a current admission of 50 young women learners provided basic tailoring skills to enable them gain skills to earn income and improve their livelihoods.